Holiday ♥

Monday 12/3~

My new friends n me went JJ...
It is very amusing~
We watched a movie<The women in black>,
My friend Carmen say this movie is above 13years old,
but we think this movie is above 18year old = =lll
it so so so terror...>.<

 Four girl~

 Emn..which one is delicious?

Wednesday 14/3~

Angela n me went JJ again..
But this time is just went 2 shopping..
i m as happy as a king,
because i had bought me love book~
My lunch is no deliciou,it is too bad..TAT

Friday 16/3~

My sister n Angela n Me went putrajaya...
we want 2 see the hot air ballon,
but when we arrived,it is no parking n rain T.T
So we went JJ in sedang,
we ate Kenny Rogers Roasters there,
it is delicious^^
After we ate dinner,we continous shopping^^


 Angela n me~

My sister♥

The End~